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Colorful Frenchies - Testimonials

Here's what a few of our customers have had to say about us.
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summer 2016 - Seattle WA

I got Rambo as a birthday present from my husband and daughter three years ago. He is a blue brindle and has a most handsome face I've seen in a frenchie. He also has a great big head. He gets compliments everywhere he goes. Not only that Rambo is very healthy and has a great appetite. We call him "King Ram" because he would bully his big brother all the time. I am happy that we chose the right breeder to purchase from. Lindsey was great throughout the entire time.



Spring 2019 - Eastsound Wa

After searching for months for the perfect Frenchie and turning down other breeders, I came across Colorful Frenchies. Lindsey was fantastic to work with and you can tell she knows this breed and loves what she does! We received our puppy three weeks ago and could not be happier! Thank you so much for being a responsible breeder and bringing families so much happiness. We will be purchasing another pup from Lindsey in the future.

Shelley Preece

Fall 2017 - Centerville Urah

Lindsey’s dogs the very best quality and temperament I have seen. We are so happy with our little girl. Lindsey was easy to work with and is still willing to give support. Our Elli came to us happy healthy and well socialized. Thank you Lindsey for breeding only the best!

Morgan Arritola

Spring 2018 - Ketchum, ID

The second I saw Bru he made me smile and has continued to do so every day. Colorful Frenchies is excellent and I would love to have another pup from them in the future. Thank you so much for giving me the best (and cutest) nugget I could imagine!

Toni Taylor

2017 & 2018 - Las Vegas Nevada

I could not find an honest breeder in Las Vegas and refused to purchase one on CL. I started looking for French Bulldog Breeders in California, Arizona and Utah. I looked for months and found Colorful Frenchies. I saw the cutest girl I had ever seen anywhere. I contacted Lindsey and the puppy was available. I purchased Joy, a lilac fawn in November of 2017. She was so absolutely wonderful, perfect in every way. Her confirmation is perfect, the most delightful personality I could imagine. So in April 2018 I put a deposit on a Zoey daughter. She was about 2 weeks old. Lindsey sent me pics all along the way and provided updates on how the puppy was doing. And Grace came to my home just as Joy, socialized, healthy absolutely cute and beautiful at the same time. Everywhere I went people asked me if I was going to breed my little girls as they fell in love with Joy and Grace. I discussed the idea with Lindsey who provided above and beyond support, resources and information with the raising of my Fenchies; and what I will need to do in preparation for breeding my girls. I love my girls so much and loved looking at Lindsey’s Frenchies on her website. In June she had a new litter from Giggi, who I also fell in love with, now I have Maggie and Libbie. It has been amazing to see how communal my girls are. They play, eat and sleep with one another, and all sleep with me. Lindsey has done an amazing job producing the nicest Frenchies I have seen, and I feel both proud and honored to have my Colorful Frenchies!



Summer 2018 - Thousand Oaks, CA

My mother in law came across their ad and sent me a picture of Tank. I knew he needed to be mine so she reached out and let them know i would be traveling from California and if they could hold him for me until I got there. They were very sweet and really great to work with. Tank has been such a joy and blessing to my family, he is such a stud! We get stopped all the time when we are out and I even had a lady tell me “I hate to say it, but your frenchie is cuter than mine”. I would refer anyone to go through Colorful Frenchies. It has been a really great experience.

Lisa Beckstrand

Summer 2016 - South Jordan

My name is Lisa. I purchased my little girl Looloo from Colorful Frenchies about 2 years ago. They were so upfront with me with all of my questions. I was afraid to spend so much money on a pet because I've never done that before. I was reassured as soon as I picked up Looloo that it was worth it. Looloo turned out to be the cutest Frenchie ever! Everywhere I go, someone stops me and says "wow that dog is so stinkin' cute!" So she is my little companion! I will definitely be back in the future!

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